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We are heavy users of our own product, that’s why you can count on us to make a product that performs

We fight hard every day to eliminate manual financial management

Fenerum was established as a response to customer needs. Previously, it was an internal platform created for the needs of the Plecto company, which quickly showed its potential, and at the request of our audience, we decided to create a separate company. Since 2018, Fenerum has been operating as an individual solution for saas clients who are looking for the optimal solution to manage their invoicing.

Although the company is only 2 years old, we already have a large group of customers and are trying to increase this group with great enthusiasm. The year 2021 will be a breakthrough for us, as we now are also opening to the Norwegian market, which we hope will bring us many challenges and interesting customers.

What do we stand for

Our goal

Our goal is to provide subscription companies with access to full financial management automation and real-time visibility of all relevant data, all at a simple and transparent price.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a comprehensive solution for subscription companies and growth by opening to new markets, as well as integration with as many systems as possible.

Our values

We value concrete solutions. We that creativity will allow us to add even more unique advantages to our solution. We believe that the convenience and valuable time of our clients is the most important, and we constantly improve our solution for them.

Meet our talented team

We are proud of our team and strive to create a productive environment. Each day is a new challenge for us and together we try to work on our own development, both individually and for the entire company. Our team is international, that's why we are open to diversity and we gladly draw from different solutions. We are currently working from two offices, one in Aarhus, Denmark and the other in Warsaw. Along with the changing situation in the world, we try to follow the trends and we do everything to make work safe. As a team, we are very open and a great sense of humor always goes hand in hand with the great talent of our employees. Having huge ambitions and a lot of energy to act, we hope to develop Fenerum and expand our group of employees even more. And that's them!

Malte Fanefjord

Sales director & co-founder

Jacob Boutrup

UI/UX Designer

Marcus Graff

Customer relations

Sigurborg Arnarsdóttir

Sales representative

Grzegorz Dabrowski

Python Developer

Piotr Bieńkowski

Python Developer

Jan Dal Lehrmann


Jesper Buch


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