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Why is onboarding rarely included when buying a SaaS solution?

Malte Fanefjord

Why is onboarding rarely included when buying a SaaS solution?

Is it accepted that you have to pay for achieving the right value of a SaaS tool?

A bad customer service experience is the first step closer to a churn

I use a number of SaaS tools in my daily work, and most often I end up choosing a solution that one of my network has experience with, and can practically help me get started using.

When I bought our first CRM system in Fenerum's early start-up, I was shocked by the silence I was met with by the company. I was not called up and welcomed where they could have secured my understanding, and have helped me get the most out of my use of their system. I also did not receive an email with the opportunity to book a time - so as a customer I had to reach out and ask for a proper review myself. 

After calling US companies before (It is not always a quick and easy experience) I was upset that I even had to spend time finding a customer success manager to help me. When I got hold of an employee from their customer service, I felt a little embarrassed, and it ended with a quick and not very motivating review, which unfortunately left me with more questions than answers.

Then the inevitable happened, namely that I changed CRM system because someone from my network helped me set up a solution from scratch. This kind of churn could easily been avoided with good customer service.

Unfortunately, this example is not isolated. I often find that I have to pay to get the full benefit of a new SaaS tool - and I am not thinking of unlocking more features, or a seminar where we go into details with a specific use of the system. I'm just thinking of a good basic review that ensures I get the right value of using the product.

Is it acceptable to pay for the right use of your SaaS tool?

This leads me to my question in this post, namely whether one should agree to pay to get the full value with a SaaS tool.

My answer is no - because of:

- The value lies in the right use. This knowledge is obtained from product experts who can provide examples of best practice.

- Some people need hands on examples, not online video guides.

- If you buy a standard product, onboarding should be part of the solution. If you buy a specific tailor-made solution, the norm is different, and quite ok with that.

How we handle onboarding in Fenerum

We do something completely different at Fenerum. Once an agreement has been reached, we send a plan for how to get started properly with Fenerum, and then hold an onboarding meeting - sometimes physically if possible. This creates a relationship with the new customer, ensures an overview of how to get started with a new system, and helps them make the right setup and send the first invoices off. We hope to create ambassadors, which is much better than just customers.

Think about this the next time you buy software, and also give onboarding and service a priority so that you do not only evaluate features.

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