Recurring Billing

Completely automated recurring billing from end-to-end

We will automatically bill your clients with the payment, exchange and frequency you have decided. Just lean back while we bill and collect your money.

On the customer side you will always have access to a complete overview of your subscription customers, next renewal date and a comprehensive customer history.


Setup and manage plans

Easy to handle even advanced subscription setups

Fenerum is built to handle customers with both a single package and customers with different packages, payment frequencies and currencies.

Under plan terms, it is easy to choose frequency, price, currency and to choose the right revenue account in your ERP system for correct booking.



Our approach is "API first"

Fenerum is easy to integrate directly with your own system. This makes it easy to start new subscriptions as well as to ensure that the customer is billed based on their correct package and consumption.

Fenerum offers a simple and effective guide to our powerful API at



Contract management is not difficult anymore

Should some customers have a discount as a result of a 12-month bond and others have a discount based on a number of purchased licenses?

This is easy to handle with Fenerum where it is possible to build different discounts based on the customer's current setup.


Activity overview

We provide the right overview for you and your customers

On our account site it is easy to see overview of the customer's activities and invoice history.

We can easily export the invoice history so that your customers can access a purchase history on their customer page on your site.


Payment options

Multiple payment options to suit your Business

Fenerum offers multiple payment options that are tailored to your customers' needs. If you miss a payment option, please do not hesitate to contact us.