Do you want a complete solution for subscription management, billing, liquidity management and reporting?

Then Fenerum is the right choice. From one SaaS company to another SaaS companies. You can be 100% sure that we understand your company and your need for a solution - we use it ourselves. Let us take you through how Fenerum can help you with a 4-step review for successful management of SaaS subscriptions.

Step 1 - The Signup

With only 1 integration to Fenerum's API, the customers can create, upgrade / downgrade and terminate subscriptions directly in your own system and let Fenerum handle the charge. In addition, the purchasing history can be imported, for giving the customers the right overview.

Are you curious about which integrations Fenerum offers, you can read much more here. You can also find a link to our API documentation here. If you want sparring to build the right integration, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Step 2 - Subscription management and billing

Fenerum automatically charges customers based on their plan and payment method, and our live bank integration makes it possible to reconcile payments. Our cash flow overview shows due and non-payments, and our reminder management sends reminders to your customers automatically.

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Step 3 - Bookkeeping

Both invoices and payments are automatically booked in the cash journal in your financial system. For prepayments, Fenerum will of course handle the revenue recognition for you.

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Step 4 - Reporting

Follow your KPIs realtime with our dashboards. Keep track of MRR / ARR, Monthly growth, CAC, Customer lifetime and lifetime value as well as the churnrate. Fenerum also makes it possible to automate your monthly reporting to your board of directors and your investors.

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