About Us

Fenerum was created Kristian and Malte who had problems with one of the leading US billing solutions. The revenue reported in different systems did not match and our customers in the EU struggled with the US standards for invoicing.

We see Fenerum as a virtual CFO - the CFO we didn't have in our previous startups who could have guided us in the right direction and solved our issues. Our finest job is to help you invoice your customers and collect the money in due time. On top of that we want to offer a colletion of useful tools that makes your financial processes easier, such as revenue recognition, reconciliation, data synchronization and much more!

Fenerum was established in 2020 with Malte Fanefjord as daily manager and Chief Sales Officer in Stealth Mode and launched out of Beta in 2021.

Board of Directors

Simon Lyndegaard
Kristian Øllegaard
Jan Lehrmann
Preben Braagaard


Kristian Øllegaard, CEO
Malte Fanefjord, CSO


Jesper Buch  
& more

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We invoice 2 billion DKK annually for our customers. Let's put your invoicing on autopilot today!