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Advanced Reporting

Take decisions based on data

Taking decisions is easy when putting the right data in front of qualified people. However, gathering, analyzing and presenting the right data remains a problem for many companies.


Everything you need with a click of a button

Experience the power of automated reporting at your fingertips with Fenerum. We bring you everything you need with a simple click of a button. Fenerum's automatic reporting streamlines the process, enabling data-driven decisions that drive growth.

  • iconReal-time data reporting
  • iconMRR, ARR, Churn, LTV, and much more
  • iconPossible to integrate with Plecto, PowerBI, Tableau, and more

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All the subscription metrics you need

Dive deep into your subscription business with Fenerum's comprehensive metrics. Gain access to all the subscription insights you need to grow your business. Let investors and other stakeholders access subscription metrics in real-time with our best-in-class reporting.

  • iconGreat for board reporting
  • iconBuild report once, generate updated report monthly in minutes
  • iconMRR, ARR, ARPA, CHURN, LTV, CAC, NRR, and more
Fenerum Integrations

Automated Profit & Loss Statement

Our automated Profit & Loss Statement feature streamlines financial reporting, offering a comprehensive overview of your revenue and expenses. This efficient process not only saves you valuable time but also ensures accurate and up-to-date financial insights.

  • iconShows up to date information from your accounting system
  • iconEasily compare to your budget uploaded to Fenerum
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Automated Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis is crucial for businesses as it provides a clear picture of their financial health. Our cash flow analysis automates and simplifies the process, offering real-time insights into your cash flow and ensuring you're aware of your financial position at all times.

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Optimize retention strategies with cohort analysis

Track and analyze customer retention trends, providing insights into user behavior and churn patterns. With Fenerum, businesses can fine-tune their strategies, optimize product offerings, and enhance customer experiences. This translates to higher customer lifetime value (CLTV).

  • iconEasily identify issues with retention
  • iconDetailed month-by-month overview
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Churn prevention made easy with Fenerum's Churn Analysis

Stay ahead of churn and boost customer retention with Fenerum. Our Churn Analysis feature equips you with the tools to identify churn risks, enabling you to take proactive measures to retain valuable customers and sustain business growth.

  • iconReport on Customer Churn, MRR Churn, Net MRR Churn and more
  • iconDrill down on segments

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Fenerum Integrations
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