Automated subscription management for fast-growing businesses

Fenerum automates your financial operations – leaving you with time to focus on more important tasks.

Recurring billing

We will automatically bill your clients using the billing plans you setup at the frequency you have decided. Just lean back while we bill and collect your money!

Expense management

Upload your bank statement and we will first match all payments made to your invoices, then match all expenses where you have uploaded receipts and eventually show you a list of missing receipts.


Forget about accounting. Use our intuitive software and we will automatically enter everything in your ERP system. And yes, we obviously recognize revenue correctly and split it out on each month the subscription covers.


Act proactively on your business's financial figures, Fenerum will give you real-time metrics such as MRR, Retention Rate, Churn Rate and much more!

How it works

Fenerum aims to streamline your financial operations by removing the manual work of billing, expense management and accounting in your SaaS business.

Benefits of using Fenerum

The go-to subscription management platform for improving your efficiency.

Save time with automation

Fenerum removes a lot of manual work, giving you more time to grow your business. Forget about manual invoicing, revenue recognition and the time you spend looking for missing receipts.

Easy to get started

Our automatic ERP integration and our support guide makes it easy and quick to get started with Fenerum.

Easy to use

Fenerum is built by a SaaS company, which means proven usability on a level that everyone can handle.

Real time overview

Fenerum gives you access to more data than just your balance. You can follow your monthly growth rate, your MRR and your real-time churn rate, allowing you to react proactively to changes in your financial KPIs.

Reduce spend

Fenerum enables customers to handle expense management and bank reconciliation themselves, which results in saving you external bookkeeper costs.

Transparent pricing

You always pay a fixed price based on the number of subscriptions. At Fenerum we do not charge a percentage of your MRR!

Free trial

Try Fenerum for free. Pick a plan later.

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Frequently asked questions

Fenerum is not an ERP system. Instead, Fenerum hooks into your ERP system and automates all manual processes.

Right now, we only offer an integration to e-conomic, but we can easily integrate with other ERP systems. Please contact us to learn more.

You pay a fixed price for the use of Fenerum, and in addition any costs to credit card providers, like, for example, Stripe. You do not pay a percentage of your revenue when using Fenerum.

This depends on the setup you want. Our API documentation gives you a detailed description of the setup, and in some cases, we can supplement with code examples.

Fenerum is set up to suit the individual company, so please contact us to find out if we can integrate with your current solution.

Fenerum uses Plecto’s dashboard technology to show you your financial KPIs in real time. This can be monthly growth rate, MRR, CAC, Chrunrate etc.


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