Stripe billing alternativ

Fenerum provides a transparent pricing model and is a great alternative to Stripe Billing that automates your billing, accounting, expenses, and reporting. Fenerum is an all-in-one tool for B2B subscription management and financial operations.

Stripe Billing vs. Fenerum

Functions*Fenerum logoComparison logo
Recurring billingBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Subscription managementBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Automatic reconciliationBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Revenue recognitionBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Automatic payment remindersBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
ReportingBlue checkmarkBlue checkmark
Debt collection optionBlue checkmark-
Automatic accountingBlue checkmark-
Usage-based billing-Blue checkmark
Bank integrationBlue checkmark-
E-conomic integrationBlue checkmark-
EAN paymentsBlue checkmark-
Danish supportBlue checkmark-
Pricing modelBased on MRR0,8% of recurring payments
Free planUp to 50.000 DKK MRRNo free plan
Price (500.000 DKK MRR)4.795 DKK/monthca. 4.000 DKK/month
Price (1 million DKK MRR)7.495 DKK/monthca. 8.000 DKK/month
Price (5 million DKK MRR)9.995 DKK/monthca. 40.000 DKK/month

*Data is from Stripe Billing ‘scale’ plan. Source: Updated: 21.05.2024. - This comparison is for informational purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that all information is up-to-date. Should you identify any discrepancies, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Why Fenerum

Why you should consider Fenerum

Save time and money - Fenerum is a great alternative to Stripe Billing that automates not only your billing but also your accounting, reporting, and expenses.

Automate your recurring billing

Fenerum automates your recurring billing like Stripe Billing, with the added benefits of debt collection, automatic accounting, and bank integration.

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Get access to even more SaaS KPI’s

Fenerum can provide very advanced reporting because all your financial data is in one place. This results in very detailed and accurate reporting.

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We handle your accounting automatically

Compared to Stripe Billing, Fenerum directly integrates with your accounting system and books revenue and expenses automatically.

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All in one place - even your expenses

Gather all your financials in one place. Receive, approve, and pay your expenses directly in Fenerum.

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Our customers

Trusted by leading SaaS businesses

We help multiple market leaders save time and money by automating their financial operations.

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“Fenerum is a central and valuable tool for us. The platform is user-friendly and optimised for SaaS B2B companies like ours. This has streamlines our subscription management and financial control, freeing up significant resources.”

Brian Østberg, CEO .legal

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We invoice 2 billion DKK annually for our customers. Let's put your invoicing on autopilot today!