Don't waste your time on finances. We are experts in that.

Automated SaaS finances including billing, accounting, expenses, and reporting seamlessly integrated with your accounting system and bank.

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How it works

Say goodbye to manual invoicing, accounting, reporting and expenses.

Save time and money by automating your financial operation with one complete system.

Automate your recurring billing

We automate your invoices, revenue recognition and payment collection. Fully automated dunning and debt collection, so you can get paid.

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Get access to detailed reporting

All your financial data in one place equals very detailed and accurate reporting. No more outdated spreadsheet and bad integrations.

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We handle your accounting automatically

Fenerum directly integrates with your accounting system and books revenue and expenses automatically in real-time. Month-end close in a matter of hours.

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All in one place - even your expenses

Receive, approve and pay your expenses directly in Fenerum. Fully integrated with your regular bank.

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Why Fenerum

We enable you to take decisions based on numbers you can trust.

Avoid dealing with bad integrations, outdated spreadsheets, missing payments and manual processes.

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Without Fenerum

Manual processes and many systems

You use a lot of system that do not speak well together this result in manual process and incorrect numbers. it is a waste of time, money and resources...

  • iconManual invoicing, accounting and reporting...
  • iconComplex integrations and incorrect numbers...
  • iconWaste of time, money and resources...
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With Fenerum

End-to-end financial operations

Fully automated financial operations that integrates with your accounting system and bank to provide you with accurate reporting.

  • iconAutomated invoicing, accounting and reporting
  • iconReal-time and accurate reporting
  • iconOne single source of truth
Our customers

Trusted by leading SaaS businesses

We help multiple market leaders save time and money by automating their financial operations.

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“Fenerum is a central and valuable tool for us. The platform is user-friendly and optimised for SaaS companies like ours. This streamlines our subscription management and financial control, freeing up significant resources.”

Brian Østberg, CEO .legal

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Connect your accounting system, bank and other tools. All in one place.

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We invoice 2 billion DKK annually for our customers. Let's put your invoicing on autopilot today!