Once you add subscriptions to Fenerum we will send invoices and, if using payment cards, collect payments for you.

Understand how subscriptions are renewed

Everything about contracts, discount tiers, etc.

Detailed guide on forward/backward charging

In depth information on how to schedule changes on active subscriptions

Guide for importing historical data such as subscriptions, MRR, invoices, or transactions to Fenerum

Creating a subscription

Navigate to the account by clicking "Accounts" in the menu and find the right account. Click "Add subscription".

Standard settings:


Select your plan

Billing frequency
Select your billing frequency. This drop down will only show billing frequencies that belongs to your chosen plan

Select your price. This drop down will only show prices that belongs to your chosen plan

Collection method
Select whether we should collect payment from payment card, send an invoice or charge by direct debit

Number of licenses you want to bill. It will just multiply the price by the number you select here

Payment due
Number of credit days you will give the customer. Only applies to invoices

Start date
Select immediately, start of next month or choose a custom start date and time

Example of how to add a new subscription:

Advanced settings

Reference person
The name of the reference person that belongs to the account

PO Number
If required, add the customers' requested PO number and it will be added to the invoice

Case number
If required, add the customers' requested case number (Rekvisitionsnummer) and it will be added to the invoice

Invoice supplement
Here you can add some lines of extra text that will be shown on the invoice

Set the box "Always invoice this subscription separately" to inactive, if you want to send an invoice with multiple plan terms

Invoice generated
Select if the invoice should be generated on renewal or a number of days before

Custom price
The price in this field will overrule the standard price in the plan term

End date
Use this field if you scheduled an end date

Example of advanced settings:

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We invoice 2 billion DKK annually for our customers. Let's put your invoicing on autopilot today!