What is new in Fenerum? The changelog documents all changes and updates made to the platform.

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Important notice

We're updating the revenue recognition process for the 'linear (equal revenue each month)' algorithm to prevent accidental monthly invoice splits. This will be resolved with an update on June 25, 2024. For more details, learn more here

June 2024


  • Add option to impersonate a recipient in the Self-Service portal
  • Add reseller to Account export
  • Exclude hidden bank accounts from cash balance metric
  • Allow 256 characters in company name fields
  • Add field 'deleted' to account activity endpoint
  • Add possibility to split costs to different accounts on Receipts and Supplier Invoices

Bug fixes

  • Fixed when receipt PDF created from image is blank
  • Fixed creating recipients in Business Central
  • Stop syncing ERP budgets due to e-conomic deprecation
  • Remove recipient warnings for accounts with a reseller
  • Allow switching to another organization when logged into an inactive organization
  • Fixed discrepancy between MRR metrics on the dashboard caused by timezone differences

May 2024


  • Added integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Beta)
  • Allow displaying custom fields on invoice
  • Show reseller under account, if the account is assigned to one
  • Sending invoice reminders after 12 PM instead of 8 AM

Bug fixes

  • Importer should work in organization time. Cancel at renewal choices should be shown in organization time.
  • Handle unexpected remark codes in responses from LeverandørService
  • Fixed e-invoicing schema when updating accounts from E-conomic
  • Fixed problem with updating backwards charged subscription on renewal
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