Accounting Settings

ERP line booking settings

This section can also contain some settings that are not described below. If you see some more settings in this section please refer to the accounting section specific for your ERP system

Disable settlement transactions sync

Fenerum tracks balance on the invoice level. Enabling this option will stop generation and sync of ERP lines for settlement transactions. Check this option if you don't need those entries in your ERP system.

ERP line text

ERP lines language

This option determines the language for the ERP lines Fenerum is sending to your ERP system. The default is English.

Customer Payments

Bank Transfer/Credit Card/Settlement Payment/Refund - Invoice/Credit Note {invoice} - Transaction {transaction_uuid}

Customer Invoices

Invoice/Credit Note {invoice_number}

Supplier Invoices

Supplier Invoice: {supplier_name} {invoice_number}

Supplier Payments

Supplier Payment: {supplier_name} {invoice_number}

Deferred Revenue

When using a single revenue group:

Deferred Revenue: Invoice/Credit Note {invoice_number}

Revenue Recognition: Invoice/Credit Note {invoice} ({current}/{total})

When using multiple revenue groups:

Revenue Recognition ({revenue_group}): Invoice/Credit Note {invoice} ({current}/{total}) Deferred Revenue ({revenue_group}): Invoice/Credit Note {invoice}

Revenue Split

Split {revenue_group}: Invoice/Credit Note

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