MRR - Monthly Recurring Revenue

MRR is the recurring revenue generated from customers, measured monthly unlike ARR below which is the same but annually.

Now, this sounds very easy but there is a lot to consider, e.g. exchange rates, temporary discounts, etc. Fenerum takes a very opiniated approach to MRR calculation but also an accountable approach which means you can always drill down your MRR on a subscription level and see how it adds up.

Exchange Rates

In Fenerum the MRR is always displayed in the corporate currency of your account. We use the exchange rate of the latest renewal for the entire duration of the invoiced interval, e.g. for a monthly subscription we update the exchange rate every month when we send an invoice. Similarly, for annual subscription we update the exchange rate annually. This ensures a consistent MRR month over month and an MRR that doesn't change eveyr hour depending on the exchange rate.


If you issue a credit note, by definition it does not change your MRR since you still have the recurring revenue. On the other hand, if you create a discount on the subscription (even if time limited) for that period of time your recurring revenue is reduced.

One-offs, (over)usage, etc.

Only actual subscriptions are counted towards MRR. If you for instance sell SMS for price each this is not MRR although they may have similar usage every month. If you want to convert it to MRR you need to create a package with X amount included and invoice it automatically every month, where automatically every month is what makes it a subscription and MRR.

ARR - Annual Recurring Revenue

See MRR above.

$ARR = MRR * 12$

Built-in reporting

Home page widgets

Current MRR

Current MRR is the MRR in this very moment, meaning it includes all activities up to the current point in time but no scheduled/future activities.

End of Month MRR

End of Month MRR works the same way as the Current MRR but the point in time is the very last moment of the current month. If you want a specification of the difference between Current MRR and End of Month MRR you can click "Show related MRR Activities".

Comitted MRR

Comitted MRR shows your MRR with all scheduled changes included until the end of time. If you want a specification of the difference between Current MRR and Comitted MRR you can click "Show related MRR Activities".

Subscription Activities

Subscriptions have activities that can be used to account for MRR at any point in time.


The MRR of new subscriptions at the time the subscription is created.

Please note: If you create a subscription with the initial three months with a 100% discount, you will get a New MRR of 0 and then an Upgrade MRR of XXX three months later.

Upgrade / Expansion MRR

We have two activities upgrade_qty and upgrade_subscription. We use upgrade_qty if the only reason for the change in MRR is changing the quantity field. If there are any other changes, e.g. discounts running out, upgrading the plan, etc. we will always default to upgrade_subscription.

Downgrade / Contraction MRR

Works as above for downgrades.

Cancel / Churn MRR

Ever subscription that is cancelled results in a cancel activity. Please be aware that this can result in multiple cancel activities per account.

Reporting Solutions


Plecto is our recommended solution for visualizing Fenerum data on TVs and for light weight subscription business intelligence. We have easy integration and you can get a limited version which is sufficient for most Fenerum customers directly from us as an add-on. Please see our pricing page

Other reporting solutions

If you have more sophisticated needs, you can easily use our API to extract all information and feed it into your data warehouse. We recommend that you at least add the following API endpoints as tables:

  • Accounts
  • Activities
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoice
  • Transaction

In general you can use the latest activity, within a timerange you want to report, per subscription to decide the MRR at the end of this period.

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